Monday, June 6, 2011

Woven Paper Journal Cover

Let's make an original Book Cover. Of course you can do your journal, but I think any cover will do. As long as you dare to glue on it! How about:
- a photo book cover, made with photo's (duhhh)
- a recipe book cover, with food pictures
- a baby book cover, in soft and gentle colours
- a journal cover, made with old letters
- or any cover, made with nice coloured or decorated papers, maybe fabric strips?
You can find the tutorial over here:
The Creative Place

Have Fun!

Chain or Coptic Stitch Bookbinding Tutorial

Ohohoh Maybe One Day I'll make my own books ........
If you are ready to do so, here is the tutorial
Tortagialla The Blog

Have Fun!

Mini Accordion Book two versions

So are you ready for another project?
How about a mini accordion book? You can make it as Mini as you like. I found two tutorials on the internet. The first is nice and simple, just use some left over papers and have fun. The second one is more decorated.
You can fill them with a lot of things like ....
- photo's (how about every years school picure)
- recipes
- birthday wishes
- little drawings
- ..

You can find the tutorial here:
Tortagialla the blog

And this tutorial is over here:

Have Fun !

T-shirt PomPoms

With the summer in sight I cleaned out my closet. Wauw what a huge amount of t-shirts I have, and some I haven't worn for years! What to to with them ......
Well ... How about decorating your house?
You can find the tutorial here:
Craftaholics Anonymous
Have fun!

Folding Card

I LOVE paper and all you can do with it.
This is a great idea for a gift. You can include money or a movie ticket or a dinner ticket or or .......
Just let your mind go wild (flower seeds, herbs for a cook, ... , ... , ...)
The idea comes from somewhere on this site (couldn't find back where)
Renata's Design
Have fun!

Photo Cubes Display Boxes

I found this great little project on:
All the luck in the World

And an idea how they can be used:

Wonderful isn't it and so simple!!!
Have fun!